The Matriarch Poem and Print Bundle


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The Matriarch linocut print on 9x12 Richeson printmaking paper, and The Matriarch poem on 8.5x11 cardstock. 

This work is inspired by the strong matriarchal leaders that have come into my life since childhood. Often, when life was dark and I needed kindness and hope more than ever. My friend and relative Angie Wilson is a perfect example of a matriarch and a major inspiration for this work.

This work is inspired by so many beautiful and kind souls through my Instagram, that are always there to lend an ear, a kind word, selflessness. They have no idea, they keep me going, and inspire me to open my heart to the world.

Finally, this work is inspired by hope for something better for us all.

When you contemplate the imagery, please note the matriarch has a baby in a cradleboard strapped to her back. Though she's walking into a valley, something new and uncertain ahead;; the moon is full providing light and hope. 

This is a pre-order as I am having the poem printed by a third party. I will be taking orders until Friday, March 8. Then, once I receive the printed poems, all orders will ship. I estimate by end of next week.