Be Gentle With Yourself Print


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Be Gentle With Yourself, a simple reminder to help bring us back to center. We are often our worst critic and talk to ourselves in ways we would never talk to others. Be Gentle, with yourself and others, always.

This is a multi block lino carving, hand printed on approximately 8x10 handmade magenta Lokta paper. Lokta paper is an eco friendly and sustainable paper made in Nepal using bark from the Daphne Papyrus bush. The bush grows exclusively in the Himalayas at a minimum elevation of 6500 feet and above! Each piece in the printing has deckled and natural edges and are unique due to how the paper is made and sized. This is truly a rare and special treat for me to use this artisan paper.

This is an open edition printing (not numbered and signed) as I plan to reuse these blocks for printing on tapestries and future artwork. Mockup pictures shown framed with deckled edge showing as well as matted, deckled edges not showing.