American Horse Linocut Print


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American Horse Linocut Print 9x12, Limited Edition 2024. (print only, unframed)

American Horse (1840–1908), also known as Wasechun Tashunka or "Iron Tail," was a prominent Oglala Lakota Sioux chief and warrior. Born into a respected family, he became a key figure in the late 19th century during the tumultuous period of European-American encroachment on Native lands. American Horse participated in significant battles, including the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876. Later in his life, he worked towards peaceful coexistence with the U.S. government, advocating for Native American rights and negotiating on behalf of his people. Despite facing numerous challenges, American Horse left a lasting legacy as a leader who navigated the complexities of his time while striving for the well-being of the Lakota people.

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